New Season, New Stories

Posted by Kate Garton on Aug 23, 2019

New Season, New Stories

First of all, while we look forward to this time of year, can we just stop to say how CRAZY is it that it is almost September?! Craziness. This year has brought many changes to our stores, but we are looking forward to the fall season because our year-long prep finally goes on display. As we are approaching September we wanted to introduce you (or perhaps re-introduce you) to who we are and what we do.

1. Welcome to our new blog

Finally a blog! Follow us and connect with us! Did you know that we get comments all the time from new customers thinking that we are an out of state chain!? Nope! We are locally owned and operated. We have locations in Horner, Bridgeport & Morgantown, West Virginia. My husband Wes and I ( we are now a party of 3+ with a baby girl that arrived last November ) have proudly recruited an awesome staff and we have slowly become one big crazy family. Follow our blog to keep up with us while we feature the latest news from our stores, special event features, our current product favorites & much more!

2. Why us?

First of all, don’t let me fool you—I click the amazon buy now button way too often just like you. I am not going to sit here and hound you about buying local. We all get it. Here is my pitch, we have a pretty bad a$$ team that is knowledgeable and passionate about what we do and the products that we sell. In fact, the majority of gear you see in our stores was partially selected by all of our staff members. When you visit McFly Outdoors, you will see for yourself that our team takes pride in what they do and we consider ourselves pros at what we do. Our goal is for our customers to feel the real difference in our stores.

We focus on quality, not volume (and I’m not talking about sales here).

I mean that we focus on quality people. We are local, we provide local jobs and serve our local communities. And the BEST part about each of our store locations is the people. Both our staff and customers. (If any of you have not had the opportunity to meet Pork yes I said Pork- you need to travel to our Horner store and let him tell you a story—or 5). Our staff is the heart of our company.

We focus on quality products. Listen, if you would have told me 7 years ago that we could sell Yeti coolers out of our Horner location, I would have laughed. In fact, we did laugh when we sold through our first order so fast. In 2017, Yeti was our best performing brand. Crazy right!? In 2015 when we opened our Bridgeport store we were already nervous about a new location, but went out of a limb and introduced fly fishing in our stores and now fly fishing is one of our top-performing categories. The list goes on and on. I receive comments all the time about what we should be carrying and what we shouldn’t be and my reply is always that I rely on our staff to select these products because I firmly believe that for someone to be good at something, they have to love what they do. If you’re looking for proof, go have a talk to Willie—our firearms buyer. Just one conversation with him will show you the passion behind the product he puts on his shelf.

We focus on quality time. Quality time spent outside that is. One thing that every single member of our team will tell you is that we would all rather be outside. When our Morgantown staff aren’t working together they are fishing together and bring back some hilarious stories. I truly believe that quality time spent outside, whether it be with family or with friends, is the secret sauce that just makes life a little sweeter.

3. More to come!

We are just getting started ;), so buckle up. Follow our blog for our favorite travel spots, new gear, recipes, guest bloggers and so much more. Be sure to follow our social platforms & #locallypro to keep up with us this season. We wish everyone a very happy kick off to Fall.