Umpqua Micro Spawn

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Product Overview

Egg patterns are designed to imitate a spawning fish's eggs. Many fish will eat the eggs of a different species or even their own species. The egg pattern is usually fished subsurface and can be used in rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds. Sometimes it is beneficial to use the egg pattern dropped off of a dry fly pattern with 12-24" of tippet in between them.

Umpqua flies have a long standing reputation for creating quality, creative flies that are constructed of the very best materials available. Each Umpqua fly is skillfully hand-tied with great precision to offer you the very best fishing flies possible. Umpqua's fly patterns are not only second to none in quality, but they are also very durable. For over 40 years, Umpqua fishermen have designed unique flies that offer you hundreds of patterns to choose from.

  • Constructed of the very best materials available
  • The very best fishing flies possible
  • Improve your enjoyment of fly fishing
  • Skillfully Hand Tied


(No reviews yet) Write a Review