Fly Boxes

  • Orvis Double Sided Fly Box Clear Orvis Double Sided Fly Box Clear

    Orvis Double Sided Fly Box Clear



    Easily distinguish your dry-flies from your nymphs with this water-resistant, double-sided clear fly box. This durable micro-slit foam box features clear lids, and comes in three sizes: small 1½"H x 5"L x 4"W; medium 1½"H x 6"L x...

  • Box 18 Comp Hook Box

    Hareline Dubbin

    Box 18 Comp Hook Box



    A clear-top storage case for all your hook keeping needs. Keep this at your fly tying desk to store all your many sized hooks and find the right size easily, or take it on the water with your latest ties!  Features Clear box Holds hooks Holds...

  • Cliff The Bugger Beast Jr.


    Cliff The Bugger Beast Jr.



    There are anglers out there, like us, who like to thow meat (big flies). Big flies catch big fish, but the problem is, "How do you store them?" We have the answer. The Beast Series uses the same time-tested, hook gripping, slotted blue material as our...

  • Cliff's Articulator Box Cliff's Articulator Box


    Cliff's Articulator Box



    Until now, we simply couldn’t find a box to hold a bunch of unruly intruder-style flies for our steelhead outings. After a period of deep thought, intense concentration and round-table discussions with Cliffatarians, we decided that a memory coil...

  • Cliff Bugger Barn Cliff Bugger Barn


    Cliff Bugger Barn



    Finally a monster box to handle a boat load of large files (streamers, poppers, saltwater patterns). The BuggerBarn has major capacity, but what makes the box is the unique material. The slots cut into the material really grip a hook. To load, simply...

  • Cliff Float Patch


    Cliff Float Patch



    Guide-tested by the Grey Reef Clifftarians, and used exclusively by legendary Bighorn River guide Kip "Snookie" Dean, our Float Patch™ has become a standard on western rivers.   Let?s face it - while floating in your boat or personal...