CorQs Strike Indicator

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Product Overview

Here's the skinny, CorQs are made from lightweight, premium cork. Other strike indicators are made from heavy, dense foam or plastic that make a big splash on the water (not in a positive way). CorQs land soft, float high, hold a lot more weight and are eco-friendly!

Next, CorQs Strike Indicators have features that you will not find on an industry heavyweight; Thingamabobbers. What pray tell? Most importantly, a rubberized o-ring that keeps the indicator from sliding down the line on thin tippets (6x, 7x, etc). And that same rubber loop will not cut or nick your line like the metal option found on our competitor that loses fish!

Best of all, you can change the size of your CorQs strike indicator to match your fishing situation. With a variety of sizes, shapes and styles – you are only limited by your imagination.

Simply put, CorQs strike indicators give you an edge on the water:


     -Lighter than plastic or foam indicators to reduce splash down

     -Less resistance than plastic or foam to minimize friction

     -Natural, environmental texture that doesn’t spook leery fish

    -Made in the USA, Handcrafted in Colorado


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review